Ta’amu, Steelers Football Player, Waives DUI Hearing

Ta’amu, Steelers football player, Waived DUI Hearing

Ta'amu Waived His DUI Hearing

Alameda Ta’amu, defense football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, deferred his right to a preliminary hearing that derived from the multiple charges he received from his recent DUI. Police records show that Ta’amu, who is only 22 years old, was charged with “aggravated assault, aggravated assault by vehicle while DUI and fleeing an officer…leaving the scene of an accident, DUI and escape, all misdemeanors, in addition to several summary driving offenses.” 

On Thursday, prosecutors managed to remove three aggravated assault charges. One of the criminal complaints stated that Ta’amu was violently driving “through the South Side in his Lincoln Navigator, nearly striking several officers who attempted to stop him in the early morning hours Oct. 14.” In addition, he hit four parked vehicles with his truck and injured a passenger in one of them. Officials stated he ran out of his vehicle, stripped his shirt off, and began to flee away from authorities. Once they caught up to him, Ta’amu refused to comply with the arrest procedures so an officer had to punch him.

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