Survey of Repeat DUI Offenders Reveals What Would Make Them Stop

The Century Council recently completed a survey that included a different group of participants, hard-core drunk drivers. This is the first time actual repeat DUI offenders have been asked what would make them consider not drinking and driving.

The goal of the study was to determine what works in the fight against drunk driving and what actions may need to be initiated. The survey included voluntarily participation of those in ten specialized DUI Courts across the country. The respondents averaged three drunk driving arrests and their blood alcohol content at the time of the arrest was on average more than twice the legal limit.

The results indicated that the three top actions that would make a drunk driver definitely stop drinking and driving were:

– 1 year of mandatory jail time (76%)

– A mandatory fine of $10,000 (75%)

– Use of ignition interlock devices (70%)

Most of the survey participants indicated they would have “very likely” altered their attitude about drinking and driving and would have done more to avoid an additional drunk driving arrest if more severe sanctions had been applied after their first DUI conviction.

The survey revealed that a high majority of DUI offenders think drunk drivers will be caught and arrested. They also felt a DUI conviction was likely if they are stopped for drunk driving.

The Century Council is a not-for-profit organization funded by America’s leading distillers. It promotes responsible alcohol consumption through education, communications, research and law enforcement.

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