Surgeon Involved in DWI Crash Recovers Her Medical License

Surgeon Involved in DWI Crash Recovers Her Medical License

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Deborah Aaron, a New Mexico surgeon that pleaded “no contest” to a DWI accident that killed a 4-year-old girl, has had her medical license reinstated by the New Mexico Medical Board after demonstrating to the authorities that she is receiving treatment from a substance-abuse program. It was noted that The New Mexico Medical Board suspended her license after she initially failed to enroll in a substance abuse treatment. However, during July, Aaron came into terms with the board and agreed that she could keep her medical license if she enrolled in a monitored treatment plan and remained under board supervision. KRQE stated that Aaron only received a misdemeanor DWI charge and not a vehicular homicide, because prosecutors were unable to prove that she caused the automobile accident.  According to sources, Aaron is currently residing in Arizona.

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