Supermodel Blames Bad Breath for DUI

Supermodel Caprice Bourret DUILast December model Caprice Bourret was charged with DUI in London which lead the 5’11" blonde and her DUI defense attorney to mount a novel defense. During a recent court appearance before the Highbury Corner magistrates court they said it was all due to a reaction to a prescription drug and bad breath.

The 34-year-old model, known for her Wonderbra ads, admitted drinking nearly two bottles of red wine with lunch, and attending a party later in the day where her glass of wine was topped-off several times. She even added that she consumed a full glass of wine in the last 15 minutes of the party, which ended at 3:45 in the morning.

When stopped by the London police on Tottenham Court Road, a breathalyzer test indicated that she was one and half times the legal limit.

Though Caprice initially told police she was not on any medication, she and her DUI defense attorney later speculated that it was a reaction to Cipro that impacted her body’s ability to metabolize alcohol. She said she only realized that the tablets must have affected her after a chat with her mother, yet she also claimed that she did not want to divulge private and ‘embarrassing’ information to the police because she was sure they would tell all of England. Cipro is used for treating urinary tract infections.

An empty prescription bottle was presented to the court last Friday. The date on the label was March 29 of this year.

Caprice’s DUI defense attorney also noted that her arrest was simply the result of ‘alcohol halitosis’. He boldly stated that there "is a total absence of any suggestion of intoxication in this case."

District Judge Emma Arbuthnot disagreed and rendered a guilty verdict in the charge of drunk driving. That led to a mandatory suspension of Caprice’s driver’s license for 12 months.

After the verdict, Caprice said "obviously I’m really upset at the whole incident. I had to disclose a lot of personal information and for me it was a really painful experience."

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