Sunday Beer Run Leads to Georgia DUI

Robert Keefer Dell walked into a convenience store in Canton Georgia to purchase a six-pack of Michelob beer. Sales of alcoholic beverages are not allowed on Sunday though that did not stop Dell from ripping the neon orange tape stretched across the coolers and grabbing the beer. The clerk tried to stop him, explaining to his regular customer that he would get in trouble if he sold him the beer. Dell responded by placing $6 on the counter and walking out of the store. When the clerk followed him, things went from simple shoplifting to an escalating series of crimes.

Dell lifted his shirt to reveal a handgun in his waistband. That made the offense an armed robbery, a felony in Georgia. Dell then fled into the neighboring county where he led Georgia State Patrol and Pickens County deputies on a chase. Dell struck one patrol car and attempted to run over an officer. He was eventually stopped when officers rammed his truck.

Dell was booked at the Pickens County jail on charges of fleeing police, aggravated assault and driving under the influence in Georgia. He also faces a warrant for armed robbery in Cherokee County.

The store clerk said he thought something was wrong when Dell stumbled around the store and grabbed the Michelob instead of his usual Natural Ice. Dell also didn’t put down enough money for the $8.99 six-pack of Michelob.

Have you been arrested for DUI in Cherokee County, GA?

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