Study Shows That Gasoline Prices Has An Impact On DWI Cases

Study Shows That Gasoline Prices Has An Impact On DWI Cases

New Mexico’s KRQE News reported that Steven Flint, head statistician at the Albuquerque DWI Resource Center, conducted a study demonstrating that as gas prices get higher, the amount of DWI cases drops. Flint told sources, “Interestingly when gas prices go up even dramatically, you only see a small change in the amount of gasoline sold…but that small change translates to some big differences in the kinds of driving people do.”  Flint determined that when gas prices go up, drunk drivers tend to change their behavior by consuming alcohol in different locations.

In addition, Sergeant Zak Cottrell from the Albuquerque Police Department’s DWI Unit stated that “People would be drinking alcohol at home more often…they’re not spending the money on gas to go out to the bars and drink and then drive home.” It was noted that the gas prices and DWI statistics discovered in New Mexico could more or less reflect the whole country’s DWI trends. Flint added that during the 2011-2012 year, gas prices rose up to more than $3.50/gallon, while DWI related crashes and deaths dropped down 15%. Likewise, when gas prices lowered, DWI related cases rose up 6%.

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