Stephanie Santana, Drunk and Pregnant Leaves Child In Car

Stephanie Santana, Drunk and Pregnant Leaves Child In Car

Stephanie Santana, Drunk And Pregnant Leaves Child In Car

Stephanie Santana, a pregnant, drunk mother walked into a Houston tattoo shop on October 3, 2012, abandoning her parental responsibilities and leaving her 10-month old child in the car while she intended to get a new piercing. Stephanie Santana, 20, walked into the shop at around 4 am and asked the employee on hand how long the piercing would take. When the employee, who goes by the name Yogi, asked why she was asking, she apparently said, “because I have a baby in the car“. Yogi then proceeded to ask who was watching the child and she replied, “nobody, the baby is asleep“. Shop employee’s asked Santana to leave and saw her stumble back to her car before falling asleep behind the wheel, with the car running and her child sitting unrestrained in the passenger seat.

Victor Senties, the spokesman for the Houston Police Department said, “Our officers arrived [and] they found her exhibiting signs of being intoxicated” and also that they “found a child in the vehicle“. Houston Police gave Stephanie Santana a field sobriety test, which she failed and placed her under arrest. Santana has been charged with DUI, child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance. During a search of her vehicle, police found several bottles of beer inside a diaper bag as well as what they believe to be Xanax pills. Santana has been held on a $9,000 bond with her first court appearance set for Friday. Her 10-month old has been placed with Child Protective Services until they can find a suitable relative to care for the child. Yogi, the shop employee that called the cops said, “She got everything she deserves, because the baby was in danger and she needs to be where she needs to be“.

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