Staten Island Drunk Driver Crashes Into Home


Staten Island Drunk Driver Crashes Into Home

Staten Island Drunk Driver Crashes Into Home

Staten Island local, Charles Tainor, lost control over his white four door 2001 Hyundai Elantra, and crashed into a home at the corner of Arthur Kill Road and Lee Avenue around 4:10 a.m. on Friday. Officials claim that Tainor, who is 22 years old, sped through a stop sign and flew into the home severely injuring a 40 year old mother (Lisa Roman) and her 5 year old daughter (Leonora Roman). The victims were abruptly thrown from their beds and trapped underneath the drunk driver’s Hyundai. Firefighters immediately rescued and rushed them into Staten Island University Hospital, where they now find themselves in critical but stable condition. Roman’s two other daughters, who were sleeping in a separate room, were not injured.

One of Roman’s daughters said, “Everybody was sleeping. Me and my younger sister were sleeping in one room, and my mother and my baby sister were sleeping in the other room. And we’re all sleeping and all of a sudden, hear a big crash, and that’s when we woke up to hear my mother scream ‘Help me. Get this off of me.”

Dawn Montalbo, who lives near the home, told authorities that Roman and her daughters moved into the house only about a month ago. Officials stated that in 2002 Roman’s house also got hit by a drunk driver, almost killing the previous residents. Montalbo added to this statement by saying, “It’s the second time it’s happened…people speed here all the time. He had to be speeding, to go right into the house like that.”

Drunk driver, Tainor, refused to receive medical attention  and was immediately apprehended from the scene. He was charged with a DWI and two counts of vehicular assault.

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