State Representative Nabbed for Minnesota DWI

The Wright County Sheriff’s department has reported the arrest of state representative Mark Buesgens for driving while intoxicated in Minnesota. Buesgens was stopped after a deputy saw him driving in a ditch. He showed signs of intoxication and was asked to perform a field sobriety test. His blood alcohol content was reportedly 0.16%, twice the legal limit. Buesgens was charged with fourth-degree MN DWI and an open bottle violation.

In a statement, the Republican representative from Jordan said he had been charged with a misdemeanor, and he expressed disappointment and regret for his actions. He went on to say that he was scheduling a chemical health evaluation.

Buesgens, 49, has served as legislator for 12 years and is in a re-election race this year. He was instrumental in Tom Emmer’s campaign for governor and was point person in the response to news of Emmer’s multiple arrests for drunk driving in Minnesota. Buesgens’ Democratic opponent has promised not to make the Minnesota DWI arrest part of an attack campaign, stating that a serious mistake in judgment had been made but was thankful that no one was injured.

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