Stanford Student To Be Arrested for Fatal DUI Accident

Stanford Student To Be Arrested for Fatal DUI Accident

KGO-TV reported that  Zachary Katz, a 24 year old Stanford student, will be arrested and charged with a DUI. This past weekend, Katz was responsible for causing a fatal accident on Highway 101 in South San Francisco. Apparently he was DUI the wrong-way when he collided head-on with a taxi cab. One of the taxi passengers, Pedro Soldevila, was killed and another was badly injured. Twisted metal is all that’s left of this taxi inside a San Francisco tow yard. The taxi driver, Azmach Ejersa, was also severely injured and taken to the hospital.

A witness, Cory Zimmerman, stated, “It was the most intense accident I’ve ever seen…I’ve lived here for all my life.” Zimmerman and his friend Sten Dubin were riding in a taxi cab after attending a class reunion. They said, “It’s crazy, I mean, it could’ve been us…it reinforces our decision to not to drive home since we’d had some drinks and take the safe way home in the cab.”

According to legal reports, Katz was hospitalized but will be arrested and charged with a DUI after he receives medical attention. It was determined that he is from New York, however, no further information was released. Stanford hasn’t yet released any comments about this tragic situation.

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