South Dakota Legislation Focuses Efforts Against Drunk Driving

State legislators in Pierre have introduced two bills that would increase the penalties if a motorist if convicted of South Dakota DUI.

House Bill 1072 would expand a breath test program for repeat DUI offenders from the current 14 counties to a statewide effort. The ‘24/7 Program’ requires those convicted of multiple South Dakota DUI offenses to submit to a breath test twice a day, everyday. There are immediate consequences if a participant in the program does not comply or if the test indicates alcohol consumption.

Local Sheriff Mike Milstead says, “I think it helps keep people out of jail. It helps keep some people who have addiction problems sober.”

Another bill, House Bill 1120, would require the installation of ignition interlock devices in the vehicles of repeat DUI offenders. Such a device disables the ignition if alcohol is detected.

Milstead says the bills “are positive efforts that are being taken to try to make our highways safer.”

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