Smartphone App Helping New Mexico Avoid DWI

Drivers in New Mexico have another reason not to drink and drive in the form of a trendy new smartphone app. The New Mexico’s Department of Transportation has unveiled a new app called ENDWI that provides users with several tools including some that can test their ability to drive, call a cab or find a designated driver. Initially, the app, released on September 5, was only available for Android users, although officials said that it should be available to iphone users in just a couple of weeks.

Since the app was unveiled in Sante Fe, over 1000 people have downloaded it to mixed reviews. So far, the app has a rating of 2.7 out of 5 stars and allows users to compile lists of designated drivers as well as games to test your sobriety. The games are far from perfect though and some complain that you may have to play a couple of times sober before even understanding the objectives of the games. Kinks still have to be worked out, such as one persons attempt to call a cab using the app which just transferred him to a car rental company. Another person said they had around 9 shots of whiskey and the app said their BAC(Blood Alcohol Content) level was just .04%, which is clearly off. Authorities hope that with time, the app and its features will improve with the goal of “zero deaths“, says cabinet secretary Alvin Dominguez.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for driving drunk, contact a skilled New Mexico DWI attorney for legal assistance.

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