Single Incident Yields Three Minnesota DWI Arrests

Sheriff’s deputies in Winona County report an unusual incident that lead to multiple charges of driving while intoxicated in Minnesota. A young girl was at the wheel of a car on County Road 12 near Witoka when she mistook the gas for the brake and lost control of the vehicle in a curve. She hit a highway sign and continued to drive through a yard and into a garden. At that point, the 19-year old passenger in the vehicle, Benjamin R. Repinski, got behind the wheel and tried to extricate the vehicle, only to hit a shed.

The responding deputies learned the unidentified girl did not have a driver’s license because she was only 12 years old. Benjamin Repinski said that he had been at a party with the young girl and she had been driving him home. A preliminary breath test showed the girl had a blood alcohol content of .09%. Charges of DWI in Minnesota are being considered. Repinski was charged with drunk driving in MN, as well as underage drinking and driving, underage drinking and for allowing an unlicensed person to drive.

The girl was taken to a local hospital, complaining of side and back pain. She refused to provide a blood sample to test her BAC.

Meanwhile, a deputy dispatched to interview the girl at the hospital noticed a moped driver wearing sunglasses at night and driving wobbly down the road. When stopped, the driver said he was on his way to pick up a friend, Repinski, who had called for a ride after the accident. Daniel G. Arndt was also arrested for Minnesota DWI.

A sheriff’s deputy said, “A 12-year old driver, we don’t get them everyday”.

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