Shia LeBeouf Did Not Cause Accident

Shia LeBeouf DUI Update: Young Actor still charged with DUI in Los Angeles even though he didn’t cause the accident.

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office has acknowledged that Shia LeBeouf was not at fault in his recent accident in Hollywood, California. The other vehicle in the incident ran a red light and LeBeouf hit it with his pick-up truck.

This detail does not change the status of his DUI arrest. After showing visible signs of intoxication at the crash scene, LeBeouf was charged with Driving Under the Influence in California. The ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Transformers’ star suffered a hand injury that required ‘extensive’ surgery and will keep him off the set of ‘Transformers 2’ for a month.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in California, you will need to hire a qualified DUI attorney.

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