Sex To Blame For DUI Crash That Ejected Woman From Car

Sex To Blame For DUI Crash That Ejected Woman From Car

albuquerque highwayThe phrase “get a room” has never had more meaning after a DUI crash that was the result of a couple having sex while driving in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The bizarre incident occurred May 27, 2013 when police responded to a crash in Albuquerque and found a man, half naked, hiding behind a cactus at the scene of a crash. Luis Briones, 25, had on only one shoe and shorts that were inside out when he was found trying to hide from police. Briones, putting his multitasking skills to the test, was trying to drive and have sex when the accident occurred.

Police found a naked woman on the road, who has yet to be identified, with deep cuts on her face and head. Authorities believe the woman was ejected from Briones’ Ford Explorer as a result of the crash and fortunately, was not killed. Police said that after the accident, Briones attempted to flee the scene but a witness to the accident took the keys from the ignition and would not give them up. It is unclear whether or not police conducted any field sobriety tests on Briones or what his blood alcohol content (BAC) level was after the bizarre DUI crash. Briones was arrested and charged with reckless driving, evading police and aggravated DUI.

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