Senator John Kerry

The daughter of Sen. John Kerry was arrested early Thursday morning for driving under the influence in Los Angeles. Alexandra Forbes Kerry was stopped in the Hollywood area around 12:40 am for a traffic violation. She refused to submit to a preliminary breath test and, after reportedly failing a field sobriety test and appearing to be under the influence of an intoxicant, was booked on suspicion of CA DUI. At the LAPD station she did submit to a breath test and registered a blood alcohol content of .06%. Under California DUI law, a motorist can be charged with DUI with a BAC under the legal limit of .08% if the officer feels the vehicle is being operated unsafely.

Kerry posted $5000 bond and was released around 5:30 am. The Los Angeles City Attorney is reviewing the case but it is suspected that formal charges will not be pursued.

Alexandra Forbes Kerry, 36, is the oldest daughter of former presidential candidate John Kerry. She is a documentary producer and occasional actor living in Southern California.

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