Senator John Horhn Arrested On DUI Charge

Senator John Horhn Arrested On DUI Charge

john horhnMississippi State Senator John Horhn was arrested and charged with DUI just before midnight on November 14, 2013 in Jackson, Mississippi. Before his DUI arrest, Senator Horhn had just finished hosting a summit on rising crime rates and combating crime throughout the state. According to Police spokeswoman Colendula Green, the senator was pulled over on Beasley Rd. and released the following morning.

John Horhn, who has served in the Legislature for 20 years could not be reached for a comment following the arrest. During the summit Horhn hosted, he said “People here are afraid to venture out. They are afraid in the sanity of their own homes. Crime is running rampant. We need to decide what kind of community we want Jackson to be. It’s time to put our foot down and say this type of lawlessness won’t be tolerated“. It is still unclear if John Horhn performed any field sobriety tests or what his blood alcohol content (BAC) was at the time of his arrest. Senator Horhn is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, November 18.

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