Seattle Officer Who Shot DUI Attorney Charged with Washington DUI

Zsolt Dornay with the Seattle Police Department was arrested last month for suspicion of driving under the influence in Washington. He and his younger brother were stopped by Washington State Patrol in Ocean Shores for going 49 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone on his motorcycle. The two men admitted they had been drinking. When the older Dornay submitted to a breath test he registered 0.149% and then 0.172% blood alcohol content, and he was booked for WA DUI.

Dornay has been placed on administrative leave while the Seattle Police Department conducts an internal investigation.

In 2006, Zsolt Dornay shot an unarmed Seattle DUI defense attorney. Dornay was involved with an altercation with a woman who took umbrage to the off-duty officer riding his motorcycle through a crowd of people outside a pub. That escalated into a brawl with several men upon which Dornay fired several shots from his .40 caliber Glock, hitting the uninvolved lawyer. When sued for assault, Dornay countersued the victim claiming it was simply to protect his legal position and that he had little interest in pursuing legal action. King County prosecutors eventually decided Dornay was justified in firing his weapon and no additional action was taken against the officer.

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