A School Police Officer Gets Arrested For DWI

A School Police Officer Gets Arrested For DWI

The Monitor reported that in Texas, a police officer from La Joya ISD was arrested and charged with a DWI. The officer, Raul Garcia, was arrested on Thanksgiving for suspicion of DWI, possession of a controlled substance, and unlawful carrying of a weapon. According to the news story, Garcia was arrested when a police officer saw him run a stop sign. At the moment that Garcia pulled over, the officer noticed him throw out a small object before stopping. Apparently the small object was a bag filled with 0.39 grams of cocaine. It was reported that Garcia refused to take a breath exam and that police found two opened beer cans that spilled into the driver’s seat and a Beretta .40-caliber handgun in the car’s trunk. One of the many charges that Garcia received was a DWI. He received a bail bond of $30,000 and was placed on leave without pay by Raul Gonzalez, La Joya ISD police chief. Gonzalez commented on Garcia’s DWI by stating, “His actions don’t reflect the work of the men and women in this department…” 

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