Ringling Brothers Clown Dies in DUI Crash

Ringling Brothers Clown Dies in DUI Crash

Last Thursday, Scott Parker, which is one of the former Ringling Brothers clowns, was killed in a DUI crash. Sources stated that “his car was hit by another driver on U.S. 301 at 47th Street in Sarasota…he died from his injuries.” The drunk driver was apprehended and charged with a DUI. It was announced that the “circus community is coming together tonight to remember the man that dedicated his life to making people happy.”

During the late 1970’s, Parker went to Sarasota, Florida to enlist in the Clown College at Ringling Brothers Circus. He was part of the circus family and worked there for more than 20 years. Sources stated that Parker’s memorial service will be held at “Showfolks of Sarasota on Lockwood Ridge Road”, today at 7 p.m.

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