Rick Springfield Imprisoned For Missing DUI Court Date

Rick Springfield Imprisoned For Missing DUI Court Date

Hollywood Life reported that Rick Springfield, famous singer of pop rock song Jessie’s Girl”, received a DUI earlier in May 2011. Springfield was stopped by police officials on his 1963 Corvette Stingray in Malibu. Supposedly, the singer threatened to kill the deputy who had arrested him, and the deputy’s family, if he had his car towed. Springfield was supposed to get arrested for missing his DUI court date, however, his attorney had the warrant recalled. LA County Sheriff’s Department told TMZ, “Deputies went to Rick’s L.A. home this morning to execute the warrant … but by the time he was being booked…he was subsequently released.” After missing his court date, he was issued a bench warrant. Springfield has complied to the rules of his prosecutors and will receive treatment from an alcohol program  instead of going to jail.

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