Rhode Island Bishop Has DUI Case Dismissed

Rhode Island Bishop Has DUI Case Dismissed

robert mcmanusCriminal DUI charges against Rhode Island Bishop Robert McManus were officially dropped on June 4, 2013. McManus was arrested for DUI on May 4 after striking another vehicle near his vacation home and fleeing the scene of the accident. After his arrest, McManus refused to submit a chemical blood test and plead not-guilty to the incident. The Rhode Island bishop later admitted to a traffic court that he did refuse to submit the blood alcohol content (BAC) test and in exchange, his charges were dismissed.

As part of the deal, McManus will have to complete 10 hours of community service and mandatory DUI education courses in addition to paying a $945 fine. Since the Rhode Island bishop refused the chemical blood test, he will also have his driver’s license suspended for 6 months. McManus did not appear in court when his charges were dropped. McManus’ attorney conveyed to the court his clients remorse and said “The bishop is sorry. He’s remorseful for what occurred. He’s a fine man, and this is just abhorrent behavior on his part. I think the whole community was saddened when they heard it happened“.

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