Rhode Island Attorney Arrested for DUI Twice in Less Than One Year

Rhode Island DUI Attorney Arrested for DUI

A Rhode Island DUI lawyer has been arrested for drunk driving for the second time in less than a year. The attorney crashed her SUV into a parked car and then tried to drive away. The owner of the vehicle said the car was hit from behind and the entire incident had been caught on surveillance from a nearby service station.

The DUI attorney, Layne Savage, has been charged with DUI and refusal to provide a breath sample. The crash has left the owner of the damaged vehicle without personal transportation. He said, “I parked the car and left. And my surprise, I’m looking at my phone and my friend sends me a picture. And I said what? That’s my car? I call and he says you have to come here, your car’s all messed up.”

The man said without his vehicle, he doesn’t know how he will get to work. “A lot of damage, look at the back the front…it’s done right now I need a car. I don’t have a car to go to work. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

In March, Savage was found guilty of alcohol possession while driving and guilty of refusing a breathalyzer. Her license was suspended for nine months, however she was allowed to drive during her appeal. She will be in court on her new charges on Thursday.

If you have been arrested for driving drunk, contact an experienced and skilled Rhode Island DUI attorney for legal assistance.

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