Repeat DWI Offender Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison

Repeat DWI Offender Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison

Willie Davis51 year-old Willie Earl Davis has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after he was arrested for operating a four-wheeler under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Davis was arrested in June 2012 after an officer spotted him driving his four-wheeler near Pinkerton and Jonathan Street in Athens, Texas. A repeat DWI offender, this is Davis’ 5th DWI conviction.

Initially, the officer was just going to issue Davis a citation for illegal use of a four wheeler on a public road but detected an odor of alcohol on him while writing the citation. It was then that the repeat DWI offender admitted to the officer that he had been drinking. Davis was asked to perform several field sobriety tests and allegedly “quickly became angry and refused to submit to any of the tests and was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated“.

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  1. This is Justice, tho why wait for the 5th one?

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