Repeat DWI Offender Receives Another DWI At Hearing

Repeat DWI Offender Receives Another DWI At Hearing

michael nolanMichael Nolan, a repeat DWI offender, was arrested shortly after a hearing regarding a prior DWI arrest on November 27, 2012. Nolan appeared at the Nassau County Court in Mineola, New York when court officers and staffers detected an odor of alcohol on him. After court officials noticed that Nolan smelled like alcohol and was unsteady on his feet, the DA requested that an officer follow him after driving away from the courthouse. Nolan was then pulled over just a few feet from the courthouse and arrested him on another DWI charge. Nolan was taken to the nearby police headquarters and processed, however, his blood alcohol content (BAC) level was not released.

Before getting in his car and leaving the courthouse, Nolan was at a hearing for a prior DWI offense that occurred earlier this year in August. When he pulled over in August, police found his BAC to be .28%, which is more than 3 times the legal limit. Nolan’s lawyer said that it was unfair for his client to be targeted by the DA. His lawyer made a statement saying, “This sounds to me like it was some kind of entrapment… to follow him out to his car like that“. When Nolan was arrested in August, police found a half empty bottle of Hennessy in his vehicle after they caught him driving unusually slow around Freeport. Nolan’s lawyer insists Nolan is innocent and said, “He wasn’t even driving the car that day, I expect him to be exonerated“.

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