Repeat DUI Offender Hits ‘Don’t Drink And Drive’ Sign

Repeat DUI Offender Hits ‘Don’t Drink And Drive’ Sign

dont drink drive signA repeat DUI offender in Island County, Washington will soon be sentenced after pleading guilty to 3 separate drunk driving incidents occurring in 2008 and 2012. Joe Clyde, the repeat DUI offender, was first arrested for DUI in 2008 and was later enrolled in a deferred prosecution program. Then, in 2012, Clyde was arrested on August 9 after crashing his vehicle, ironically, into a “Please Don’t Drink and Drive” sign while driving on Highway 525.

When he was arrested that night, police found his blood alcohol content (BAC) level to be .20%, more that double the legal limit of .08%. Clyde was released shortly after his arrest, however, less than 24 hours later police arrested the repeat DUI offender once more after spotting him driving erratically on the road. Police reported that Clyde was driving a different vehicle during the second incident and found his BAC level to be .21%. Currently, prosecutors with Island County are recommending a 3 year sentence for Clyde.

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