Repeat DUI Offender Given Maximum Sentence In Virginia

Repeat DUI Offender Given Maximum Sentence In Virginia

David AprahamRepeat DUI offender David Apraham of Spotsylvania plead guilty to his 12th drunk driving charge on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Apraham was arrested for DUI back in November of 2011 and has been given the maximum prison sentence of seven years by the Spotsylvania Circuit Court. Apraham was also charged with refusing to submit a breath test and driving with a suspended license. Tom Shaia, a Spotsylvania County prosecutor, says that Apraham was actually on house arrest in Mississippi for a separate DUI charge when he was arrested. Apraham has been charged with DUI in several other states including Alabama, Mississippi, Washington, North Carolina and presently 3 times in Virginia.

According to court records, Apraham was spotted by Deputy Jason Morris stumbling around a car dealership before getting into his pickup truck and swerving in and out of lanes. When Morris turned his lights on Apraham allegedly increased his speed before pulling over in an empty parking lot, not before nearly hitting a curb though. After Apraham stumbled out of his truck and approached Morris with his arms up, he was placed under arrest. According to Morris, Apraham was displaying symptoms of alcohol intoxication and then refused the alcohol breath test. Apraham allegedly told Deputy Morris that he had consumed 4 or 5 beers before driving that day. Apraham’s attorney, Jenna Nacht, sought a lesser penalty for her client whom she said would benefit more from a treatment facility for alcohol addiction and not prison. Apraham has since sent a letter to Judge in his case apologizing for his actions and that his time already spent in jail has him “dried out” for the first time in years.

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