Repeat DUI Offender Gets 13 Years In Prison After 8th DUI

Repeat DUI Offender Gets 13 Years In Prison After 8th DUI

tim morrowRepeat DUI offender Timothy Morrow was sentenced to 13 years in prison after being convicted for his eighth DUI offense on May 1, 2013. Morrow has a long history of DUI arrests, receiving his first DUI when he was only 17 and has been cited 9 times since for DUI, public intoxication and boating while intoxicated. The repeat DUI offender has been sent to jail twice already, once in 1995 for a DUI conviction and again in 1996 for driving with a revoked license.

Prosecutor Ben Dillon had originally asked the judge for a 15-year prison sentence, saying Morrow was a “absolute public safety risk” and called him an “grim reaper“. Morrow’s own defense attorney stated that Morrow had already been on an intense probation for 2 years prior to the incident and requested a 6 year sentence instead. The repeat DUI offender was initially unprepared to make a statement, however, just before the judge handed down the sentence, Morrow told the court he was a victim of child abuse and that police weren’t taking his reports seriously. In his statement, Morrow also said “I plead with the court. I have a 12-year-old son that I want to see grow up. I made a mistake and I apologize“.

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