Repeat DUI Offender Back In Jail After 40 Days And 27 DWI’s

Repeat DUI Offender Back In Jail After 40 Days And 27 DWI’s

danny bettcherRepeat DUI Offender Danny Bettcher, who holds the state record for most DUI convictions in Minnesota, is back in jail after being out for just 40 days. Bettcher was arrested again on December 8, 2012 after violating the terms of his parole. Sarah Berg, of the Minnesota Department of Corrections, says that Bettcher violated 2 terms of his parole which are being in an establishment that serves alcohol and consuming alcohol.

The repeat DUI offender spent 3 years in jail due to previous alcohol related offenses and was released on October 29, 2012 with the conditions of his release requiring him to stay sober. Bettcher has had 27 DUI convictions in the state of Minnesota, the record for the state. Bettcher is being held at the Wadena County Jail and has a court hearing at the Department of Corrections on December 18, 2012. During the hearing, a corrections officer will have to decide what consequences Bettcher will have to face, if there is even enough evidence to support the allegations against him.

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