Reno Police Given Devices to Test for Nevada DUI

The Northern Nevada DUI Task Force has donated 14 breath testing devices to the Reno Police Department for use in checking suspected drunk drivers. The handheld devices will provide a preliminary breath test result to determine if further investigation for driving under the influence in Nevada is warranted.

The units costs about $4000 each and they will allow officers to quickly test blood alcohol content of those suspected of drunk driving. Previously, investigators had to wait for a specially equipped patrol car with breath testing equipment to arrive on a NV DUI scene.

According to statistics from the Reno police department, the number of Nevada DUI arrests in the area was down 9.5% in 2008. Accidents related to being under the influence of alcohol or drugs dropped 11.6%. The reductions are attributed to increased awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving as well as DUI enforcement activities.

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