Randy Travis Receives Penalties for DWI

Randy Travis Receives Penalties for DWI

Rolling Stone reported that country singer, Randy Travis, “pleaded guilty to a driving while intoxicated charge stemming from a dramatic incident last August where he crashed his car and was found naked on a Texas highway.” Consequently, Travis received multiple penalties for his DWI case. It was determined that Travis received a 180 day jail sentence, which can be suspended if he doesn’t break the law within his 2 year probation period. In addition, he has to pay a $2,000 fine, spend at least a month’s time in a rehabilitation center, work through 100 hours of community service, and install an ignition interlock device on his vehicle.

Other sources reported that Travis “left the courtroom noting that he was grateful for his supporters, and relieved to have the case behind him.” In addition, Travis’s attorney told the media that Travis has been trying to stay sober. Travis’s DWI case has definitely been one of the “most serious in his recent string of tangles with the law.” Travis faced other DWI accusations throughout the year. Critics don’t believe that Travis’s charges will have any negative effects on his new album and its tour dates, which are set to be planned through the month of August.

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