Prosecutor Gets Fired For DUI Arrest

Prosecutor Gets Fired For DUI Arrest reported that Dan Barkovic, the city prosecutor for Eugene, Oregon, was recently arrested for investigation of DUI but has not been charged. Although he hasn’t been legally charged for the DUI, it was confirmed that he was fired. Ironically, Barkovic’s main job duties were to prosecute individuals accused of DUI or drunk driving. A city spokesperson, Jan Bohman, stated, “Barkovic was fired in light of his arrest for driving under the influence and his refusal to take the alcohol breath test.”

Barkovic, 60 years old, told sources he takes full responsibility for his actions. He told sources that he made “a very bad decision to drive that evening.” It was noted that Barkovic, who earned more than $94,000 annually, had been on paid leave since his arrest back in September. He will be receiving a severance amount of about $27,000.

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