Pro Football Player Waived After North Carolina DWI

The Carolina Panthers waived wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett after an arrest for driving while intoxicated in North Carolina. It was the second Charlotte drunk driving offense for the troubled player.

Jarrett was stopped by Charlotte-Mecklenburg County police for speeding around 2:00 am Tuesday. The officer determined there was probable cause for a North Carolina DWI arrest. Jarrett refused to submit to a breath test while being booked at county jail, and he was taken to a medical facility for a blood draw to test blood alcohol content. The results from a state lab are pending.

Jarrett was charged with DWI in Charlotte in March 2008 after he crossed the center line of a highway and ran a red light. He pleaded guilty to that offense and received a sentence that included community service, payment of $420 in court costs and loss of license. Because of that conviction, the NFL required Jarrett to undergo regular alcohol and drug testing.

The Panthers general manager said he talked to Jarrett and told him “the situation was just not working out for either side.” To fill the roster spot caused by Jarrett’s dismissal, the team picked up receiver David Clooney off waivers from the New York Jets.

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