Police Officer Suspended for Failing to Investigate Ohio DUI

Delaware Ohio Police Sgt. Mark Leatherman has been suspended from the department for failing to investigate an incident of drinking and driving. The drunk driving suspect, Ashley Glazer, had struck two parked vehicles in her parent’s neighborhood in the early morning hours of June 16, 2010. Glazer’s father is a fellow police officer.

Leatherman failed to administer a field sobriety test even though Glazer’s mother told a police dispatcher that her daughter had been drinking before the crash. An internal investigation found that Leatherman did not fully investigate the possibility of driving under the influence as a professional favor. The police investigation of the incident was launched only after residents whose vehicles were damaged wrote letters to the local paper and to city officials wanting to know why Glazer was not tested for intoxication even though the police report said alcohol was a suspected factor.

Leatherman was suspended for five days without pay. Glazer was cited for failure to control a motor vehicle. She was fined $130 and had two penalty points applied to her driving record.

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