Police Officer Charged with Washington DUI

On Wednesday evening, a sergeant with the Spokane Police Department was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in Washington. Sgt. Brad Thoma is accused of causing a minor accident and then fleeing the scene before Washington State Patrol troopers arrived.

Thoma reportedly rear-ended another vehicle at low speed as traffic slowed for a red light. He then drove on before stopping in a parking lot, where he was met by authorities. A breath test showed he had a blood alcohol content of .17%, more than twice the legal limit for intoxication.

Thoma, who is one of Spokane’s most productive patrol sergeants, appeared in District Court Thursday and entered a plea of not guilty to DUI in Washington. He has been placed on administrative leave with pay until his court date in November. It is Thoma’s first offense for suspected DUI in WA. The Spokane County prosecutor’s office is also considering filing charges of hit-and-run.

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