High BAC: Iowa Police Arrest Drunk Driver With Blood Alcohol Content of .627%

High Blood Alcohol Content of .627%
Iowa Police Arrest Drunk Driver with
High Blood Alcohol Content of .627%

On July 29, 2012, a man in North Liberty, Iowa with a high BAC was arrested for drunk driving and had police officers stunned at what they’d found. They were responding to  call’s of a motorist driving erratically, hitting curbs and eventually coming to a rest in someone’s front yard. That’s when officers found 24 year-old Justin Clark slumped over in his drivers seat hardly able to walk or speak clearly at all. Police asked Clark if he knew what day it was, to which he replied, “Three, but now it is four”.

Police were stunned when they administered a breath test on Clark and found that his blood alcohol content was .486%. Police Chief Jim Warkentin said it was “just amazing” and that most people with a high BAC don’t make it above .3% – they end up passing out”. That’s because, according to the Chief Warkentin, officers are taught that a blood alcohol level of .4% is considered clinically dead. While Clark was being treated at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, they found through blood tests that his BAC was actually .627%. Chief Warkentin also commented that he’d never seen such a high BAC in his two decades with law enforcement.

If convicted, Clark could face large fines, suspension of his driver’s license, probation and jail time. Generally, in cases where the offender has a high BAC, the penalties could be even more severe.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for drunk driving, contact an experienced and skilled Iowa DUI attorney for legal assistance.

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