Plow Driver Hits Pedestrian and Gets DWI

Plow Driver Hits Pedestrian and Gets DWI

Albany Times  Union stated that a man from North Greenbush in New York, Benjamin Bornhorst, was charged with felony vehicular assault charges and DWI for hitting a pedestrian with his plow truck while driving drunk. Bornhorst, 27 years old, remained at the accident scene until emergency medical personnel showed up and then left on his Ford F-250 pickup truck. However, some bystanders were able to give police officials an accurate description of Bornhorst’s truck. Police Chief, Rocco Fragomeni, stated that police officials were able to stop and arrest him about two miles away from the accident scene. Bornhorst failed the field sobriety test that police officials administered him and was charged for DWI, second-degree vehicular assault, leaving the scene of a crime, and a traffic lane violation. It was noted that Steven Ernve, the pedestrian, suffered severe injuries such as broken bones and deep gashes to his upper torso after being struck by the snow plow blade. Fragomeni commented that Ernve was in excruciating pain and in and out of consciousness. Ernve was transmitted to the Albaby Medical Center Hospital. Bornhorst received a bail bond of $2,000, and is summoned to a court hearing on March 5.

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