Playboy Playmate Avoids Illinois DUI

The Playboy Playmate featured as Miss May 2009 has avoided prosecution for suspicion of driving under the influence in Chicago. Crystal McCahill was stopped last January after running a red light. She told the officer she had been drinking at the Climax Bar, where she worked. The Chicago Police Department officer claims that McCahill voluntarily went to the district police station on the Near North Side, where a blood alcohol test revealed a BAC more than twice the legal limit for intoxication.

McCahill’s Illinois DUI defense attorney countered that his client was arrested prior to going to the district station. Since the officer had not conducted a field sobriety test there was insufficient reason to place McCahill under arrest.

A Cook County Judge ruled that McCahill should not have been arrested on the scene for DUI in Illinois. Prosecutors are considering an appeal. A Chicago Police spokesperson said he felt the officer acted appropriately during the DUI investigation and felt the evidence showed McCahill was in fact intoxicated.

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