Pittsburgh Fire Lieutenant Charged with Third DUI

Pittsburgh Fire Lieutenant Charged with Third DUI

A Pittsburgh fire lieutenant is under fire for his third DUI. Mark Heslet ,43, was caught weaving through lanes of traffic on December 20th and was stopped by police. City fire Chief Darryl Jones said he only learned of the charges against Lieutenant Heslet on Monday, and at the time the Lt. had been continuing his job in the normal capacity. However, this tends to be normal procedure, as most employers will wait till a case has come to a conclusion before dolling out punishment to their employees.

Ross officers wrote in their complaint against the Lieutenant that he had trouble passing field sobriety tests. He also told the officers that he was having family troubles which were going through court, and that he went out drinking just for those reasons. Lieutenant Heslet’s first DUI dates back to 1992. For his first DUI, he completed an accelerated rehabilitative program for first-time offenders. Despite his success with rehabilitative treatment, he received another DUI in 2000.

In 1997, Lieutenant Heslet joined the fire bureau. He will be in court for a preliminary hearing in front of District Judge Richard Opiela on Feburary 27th, and he had no attorney on file.

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