Pennsylvania Signs Asks Motorists to Identify DUI Drivers

Pennsylvania State Police are hoping that two illuminated signs will reduce the number of drunk drivers on the highway. The signs were erected by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the message board asks motorists to ‘Report DUI Drivers, Call 911.’

“If you witness a motorist displaying obvious traits of intoxication or impaired driving, do not hesitate to call 911 and report the driver,” said state police Capt. Robert Lizik.

Motorists are instructed not to try to stop a vehicle with a suspected driver under the influence, nor follow the vehicle. They are asked to provide location, direction of travel, a description of the driver’s actions and a license plate number if possible. Callers will be required to provide their name and cell phone number.

The signs are located on rural highways in Armstrong County, northeast of Pittsburgh. A state police computer program that analyzes accident frequencies and projects potential accident sites was used to select the sign locations. If the concept produces results, PennDOT will consider expanding the campaign statewide.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has used similar signs for nearly ten years. Local police say that the message boards constantly provide
leads that are quickly pursued.

About one third of all people killed in automobile accidents in Pennsylvania involved alcohol. Local and
state police hope the simple idea of asking motorists to help identify potential drunk drivers will make a difference.

Stephen Erni of the DUI Association in Pennsylvania said, “We want all citizens to get home safely.”

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