Party Bus Driver Gets DUI On Prom Night

Party Bus Driver Gets DUI On Prom Night

richard madisonTwenty-three Chicago teenagers may never forget their prom night after the man driving their party bus was arrested for DUI following a terrifying drive through town. According to some of the teenagers, 54 year-old Richard Madison was over half an hour late to pick them up and was unable to stay on the road during their drive. One of the students, Kelsey Dano, said “I had a feeling he was drunk when we first went into the ditch. He hopped over a median and cut off 3 cars and then…he took us to the wrong hotel, he took us to the Hyatt hotel instead of Abbington Place so we had 5 more miles to go“.

Madison, the party bus driver, said that he was not drunk that night and blamed mechanical problems for the erratic driving. A spokesperson for Limos Alive, the company that Madison drives for, said that there were no mechanical problems with the party bus after an inspection and that Madison has been fired since the incident took place. Dano also said that when Madison got off of the bus he was stumbling and had bloodshot eyes. Police found that Madison had a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .22%, almost triple the legal limit. Madison was arrested for misdemeanor charges of DUI and reckless conduct, although he still believes he is innocent. In a statement, Madison said, “You know, if I was guilty, I would still be in jail. That’s my thought. I would not be at home right now“.

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