Partridge Family Star Nabbed for Drunk Driving in Florida

Florida Highway Patrol officers stopped a white 2008 Mercedes for erratic driving on the Florida Turnpike in Port St. Lucie. The vehicle was observed traveling off the edge of the road and back into a lane several times. The driver, former teen idol and Partridge Family actor David Cassidy, admitted to having a glass of wine with lunch followed by a prescription painkiller. He failed to mention, however, the half empty bottle of bourbon the trooper saw in the back seat.

Cassidy’s blood alcohol content measured 0.139% and 0.141% during breath tests. He was booked for driving under the influence in Florida, failure to maintain a lane and having an open container. He was later released on $350 bond.

Cassidy, 60, is best known for his role on the Partridge Family during the 70s. He recorded several albums and singles, including the hits ‘C’mon Get Happy’ and ‘I Think I Love You’.

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