Parking Valet Takes Reggie Wayne’s Bentley and Gets DUI

Parking Valet Takes Reggie Wayne’s Bentley and Gets DUI

On Saturday evening, Gunner Belcher, a parking valet took Reggie Wayne’s Bentley for a joyride and was pulled over for a DUI. Sources stated that Wayne, who is a Colts wide receiver, handed his Bentley keys to Belcher to valet park it at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis. The following morning, the football player returned to the parking garage for his Bentley only to discover it was missing. Sources stated that “Belcher hadn’t parked Wayne’s pricy ride. Instead, he’d taken it out on the town and gotten busted for DWI at 2 o’clock Sunday morning.” 

Police officials stopped Belcher, who is only 21 years old, in the 300 block of South Meridian. They noticed he wasn’t wearing a seat belt and talking on the phone while driving. Furthermore, as the police officers approached him, they were able to detect the odor of alcohol on him. They claimed that he “had glassy eyes and slurred speech.” In addition, when police officials stopped Belcher, he told them that he was “driving Wayne’s car because he was his ‘cousin by marriage’.” 

Belcher was administered a field sobriety test and failed it. He was apprehended and received several charges for OWI, not carrying a registration, and not wearing a seat belt. Apparently, “hotel employees told police Belcher was released from work shortly before the vehicle was removed from the garage.” It was also stated that Belcher hadn’t clocked out of his shift that night of the occurrence. The Bentley was finally  returned back to the Colts player on Sunday.

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