Paris Hilton DUI Arrest in California

Raunchy rocker and former Kurt Cobain squeeze Courtney Love has come forward with a reason for Paris Hilton’s recent California DUI arrest.

The 25-year old heiress was stopped by Los Angeles police September 7 for driving erratically while on a late night burger run. She was charged with driving under the influence after reportedly failing a breath test. At the Billboard Music Awards last Monday, Love told E!News that, “Paris is my friend. She really is well mannered. When she got arrested that night for DUI is was because we were drag racing.”

We can only wonder how that revelation will help. And what does it mean when someone like Courtney Love describes you as ‘well mannered’?

Hilton faces up to six months in jail and a fine of $1000 if convicted of first offense California DUI.

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