Paris Hilton Faces Jail Time

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Attorney’s office has stated that they feel they have sufficient evidence to convince a judge that Paris Hilton violated the terms of probation stemming from her September 2006 DUI arrest. Nick Velasquez said, “We’re confident we have sufficient evidence to prove that her license was suspended and that she had knowledge of that suspension.”

Hilton was ticketed in west LA on February 27 after being spotted by police speeding and driving without headlights at 11:00 pm. She was charged with driving with a suspended license and her $200,000 2007 blue Bentley Continental GTC, a Christmas present to herself, was impounded.

In January, the 26-year old star of the television reality show ‘Simple Life’ plead no-contest to a charge of California DUI. In addition to being sentenced to three years of probation, she was required to attend an alcohol abuse awareness program, pay fines and her license was suspended.

Prosecutors are now asking a judge to revoke Hilton’s probation. If a judge agrees, she could face up to 90 days in jail. A hearing is set for April 17.

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