Over 1500 Arrested During Colorado DUI Crackdown

Law enforcement efforts across the state netted a total of 1556 charges of suspicion of driving under the influence in Colorado. The arrests were made between November 23 and January 3 as part of a special ‘Heat Is On’ campaign against drunk or impaired drivers. There were 1630 Colorado DUI arrests made during the same time period last year.

During the holidays, 41 people died in vehicular accidents, with one third of them being attributable to alcohol impairment. There were 5 alcohol related deaths around Thanksgiving, 9 during the entire month of December and zero during New Year’s celebrations.

A spokesperson for the Colorado State Patrol said that law enforcement will remain vigilant in keeping the highways safe during the coming year. This year 668 people took a ‘Plan Ahead Pledge’ organized by the Colorado Department of Transportation that encouraged safe driving alternatives, such a using public transit, taking a cab or designating a sober driver.

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