Ole Mississippi Graduate Dies in DUI Accident

Ole Mississippi Graduate Dies in DUI Accident

Jackson Clarion Ledger  reported that a marketing graduate, Jared “Petey” Peters, from The University of Mississippi was killed in a fatal DUI car accident on Saturday morning. Peters was riding as a passenger in a car that was driven by his best friend, Arnold Cheung. Cheung lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a wall at an intersection near Henderson, Nevada. It was stated that he was driving fast and failed to turn either right or left at the dead-end intersection. 

Peters was pronounced dead at the scene, while Cheung was taken to the hospital for being in critical condition. After investigating the case, officials stated that alcohol and speed were major causes of the accident. Legal personnel are waiting to receive Cheung’s blood tests before he is charged with a DUI and murder account. It was stated that Cheung underwent a hip reconstruction surgery and arm surgery earlier this week. Peters’ funeral services will be on Friday at 11 a.m. at King David Memorial Chapel in Las Vegas.

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