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The laws of the State of Ohio establish that it is a crime to operate a motor vehicle with a certain amount of alcohol in your system. The legal threshold is 0.08% blood alcohol content. The offense of drunk driving in Ohio is called Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence or OVI. In states around the country, the same offense is referred to as driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. When you have been accused of drunk driving, you need to speak with a skilled and experienced Lake County DUI attorney as soon as possible to discuss your charges.

  • Skilled Lake County DUI and OVI lawyer with over 30 years of experience
  • Patrick Quinn has a background dealing with complicated DUI cases including repeat drunk driving offenses, vehicular assault, boating under the influence, commercial drivers, and vehicular homicide
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Note that BAC is just one factor during an investigation into OVI/DUI in Ohio. If a law enforcement officer perceives a motorist cannot safely operate a vehicle due to impairment from alcohol, prescription medication or illegal drugs, an arrest for OVI/DUI can be initiated.

The Lake County DUI lawyers at Quinn Legal Associates have significant experience defending those accused of driving under the influence in Ohio. The goal of Quinn Legal Associates is to help reduce or eliminate the penalties associated with an arrest for impaired or drunk driving. The law firm will use its knowledge of Ohio DUI laws, special training and expertise in the courtroom to challenge the state’s case. Quinn Legal Associates will question whether there was probable cause for a traffic stop and the arrest, check to see if the breath or blood testing equipment was in proper working order, review the arrest report for errors in police policy, study any video evidence for problems with the administration of field sobriety tests, and determine if a chemical test for BAC was given in compliance with state regulations.

The Mentor DUI attorneys with Quinn Legal Associates will defend your rights and try to protect your future.

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Penalties for DUI/OVI in Ohio

The penalties associated with an arrest for DUI in Lake County can include a fine, a jail sentence, suspension of driver’s license, loss of auto insurance or substantially higher premiums, mandatory installation of an ignition interlock, vehicle immobilization and supervised probation while wearing an alcohol detection ankle bracelet. Those with an elevated BAC at time of arrest or repeat offenders can be required to enroll in a substance abuse program.

In addition, points will be placed on your driving record, which could lead to revocation of driving privileges. Those convicted of OH DUI must have special issue yellow license plates on their vehicle. Multiple arrests for drunk driving in Ohio will lead to a listing on a habitual offender registry.

Being found guilty of DUI will result in a permanent arrest record, which could affect your current job, reduce future employment options, damage your credit score and even keep you from traveling to Canada. A drunk driving arrest could impact the rest of your life.

The Lake County DUI attorneys at Quinn Legal Associates provide complete defense to those charged with alcohol or drug related traffic offenses. These include arrests made at a sobriety checkpoint, underage drinking and driving, vehicular assault, boating under the influence, misdemeanor and felony charges, repeat Ohio DUI offenses, and commercial driving violations. No case is too complicated, and every driver is afforded qualified legal representation.

Defending against OVI/DUI cases in Ohio is difficult and you need professional legal assistance. While each situation is different and no result is guaranteed, Quinn Legal Associates will fight for the best possible resolution of your case and try to keep your record clean.

Suspension of Driver’s License

If you refused to submit to a test for blood alcohol content during an arrest for DUI in Ohio or you took a test a registered a BAC above the legal threshold, the officer will seize your license and issue a traffic ticket. The ticket acts both as a temporary license and notice of your license suspension.

The State will then initiate a proceeding to administratively suspend your license. There are legal remedies, including fighting the suspension and requesting restricted driving privileges. Note that you must petition the state for a special ALS hearing within five days of the date of your arrest. If you do not act, you will automatically lose your license.

Having legal representation could make the difference between keeping your license and be prohibited from doing any driving. Time is extremely limited. Don’t delay; contact the Lake County DUI Lawyers at Quinn Legal Associates and ask them to schedule an ALS hearing on your behalf.

Quinn Legal Associates, Lake County DUI Attorney

Mentor Ohio DUI lawyers Quinn Legal Associates practice criminal law and help those arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in Lake County. They have represented over 1500 clients and will work aggressively to build the right defense for your specific situation. The knowledgeable and experienced attorneys and staff will provide you with a competent and professional legal defense, as well as personal service, throughout the disposition of your case.

Patrick D. Quinn received an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan – with Distinction, an Executive MBA from Notre Dame University and a juris doctorate from Cleveland Marshall College of Law. He is admitted to practice law in all Ohio State courts; the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio; and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mr. Quinn has developed his skills as an accomplished trial attorney litigating cases in state and federal courts. He attended the National Institute for Trial Advocacy and is Board Certified as a Civil Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Attorney Quinn is a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association, the Ohio State Bar Association, the Lake County Bar Association and the National College for DUI Defense.

You Can Fight an Ohio DUI Arrest

It is possible to successfully challenge an arrest for impaired or drunk driving in Ohio. For the best result, you must act quickly and you must hire a defense team with experience in DUI defense. The Lake County DUI Attorneys with Quinn Legal Associates can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

To schedule an immediate, free consultation, call 440-516-3800.

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Highly recommend DUI Attorney Pat Quinn

"I was charged with a DUI back in February and from the first time I called Pat for help he was extremely helpful and knowledgable with every step in the process. He was very quick to answer my phone calls and any questions I had that came up along the way. He respected my time and made me feel at ease through this stressful period. I highly recommend Pat to anybody and I can tell through my interactions with him that he is one of the best lawyers in area."

Craig, a DUI client

Patrick Quinn is not only a great attorney, but a great man in general ☆ Reduced charges

"Patrick Quinn is not only a great attorney, but a great man in general. He, unlike other attorneys I have used in the past, genuinely cared about my case and did everything in his power to help resolve it. He went above and beyond what I thought he was going to do. He got my charges reduced far below what I was expecting, and he was affordable for the brilliant services he provided. If you ever get an OVI in Cleveland, OH or the surrounding cities be sure to call Patrick Quinn and hear what he has to say."

Kyle, a DUI client

Patrick Quinn went out of his way to help me

Patrick Quinn went out of his way to help me. He was always quick to return phone calls, answer questions, and solve any problem I brought to him. He worked very hard on my case, and in the end it paid off immensely. He was a very respectful and understanding person. He helped me to get my life back on track. He knows that people make mistakes and is there to help you with the situation any way he can! I would recommend him to all of my friends and family not just for a DUI attorney but for any case you may have.

Elizabeth, a DUI client

He didn't sugar coat it, make empty promises, or waste my time

Pat was referred to me, in late February by one of my lawyers, and I am extremely grateful. The circumstances were not your typical DUI charge, and the whole scenario, not even believable. This happened in the "Burbs", on private property, and it just kept getting more ridiculous. BUT I was charged just the same. Pat was responsive immediately, up front, and very personable. From the first day we spoke, he advised me what his plan for my case would be, per my situation, and that is exactly what he did do for me. He didn't sugar coat it, make empty promises, or waste my time. I pray I don't need to call him again, though I absolutely will refer him and wish him the best."

DUI client

I highly recommend Mr. Quinn to anyone needing legal assistance ☆ Charges reduced

Mr. Quinn represented me in an OVI charge in Mentor, Ohio. Throughout the process he kept me informed of my options, advised me about what I needed to do to provide information to properly address the charge and succeeded in having the charge reduced. In short, he makes them follow the rules. I highly recommend Mr. Quinn to anyone needing legal assistance.

DUI client

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