Ohio Drunk Driver Arrested on His Way to Pick Up Drunk Friend

George Pulos’ worst decisions

On the night of July 27th, what seemed like a nice gesture turned into one of George Pulos’ worst decisions. One of his friends, Antonio Tillison of Akron had been arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Police allowed Tillison to call a friend to pick him up at the jail and Pulos obliged. However, Tillison didn’t realise his friend had already been drinking when he agreed to pick him up.

Pulos, not being very familiar with Louisville had mistaken railroad tracks for a roadway and got his car stuck on the tracks. When officers arrived, they found that he had been drinking as well. After asking how much Pulos had to drink he replied, “I had three beers at the wedding and the last one was at 10:00”. After arresting and charging Pulos with drunk driving, the officers began calling the railroad company to notify them of a car stuck on the tracks when they realized a train was already headed straight for the vehicle. One of the officers began shouting, “There’s a train coming. Hey, hey, there’s a train coming!”. Fortunately, they were able to get everyone off the tracks in time but could only stand by helplessly as the train roared through and crushed the car.

Unfortunately, one bad decision can lead to another and this particular decision left two friends in jail and one without a car. Authorities used the accident as an example of the dangers in driving under the influence.

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