Ohio County Crushes Truck of DUI Offender

A repeat Ohio DUI-OVI offender got to watch his older pick-up truck get flattened courtesy of the local government. After the man was convicted of his ninth drunk driving charge, Athens County, Ohio officials seized his truck, an option when a vehicle has been used in a crime.

Usually such property are sold, though occasionally the resale value of a vehicle is low and the county opts for destroying it.

The owner of the truck was arrested for DUI-OVI after running off the road and nearly striking a building. Police found a bottle of vodka under the seat and the driver registered a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit. Besides his ninth DUI-OVI, it was the driver’s third felony drunk driving charge.

The county prosecutor plans on recording the vehicle crushing and using the video in a public service announcement warning about the dangers of drunk driving.

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